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About Me

Myself and my skills

My name is Alex Neo, a IT enthusiast and aspiring computer engineer. I got interested in computers at the age of 12. I love cycling and also learning about how computers and the Internet work together. I completed my studies at Institute of Technical Education and Singapore Polytechnic and graduated with a Higher Nitec in Electronics Engineeing and Diploma in Computer Engineering respectively.

Web Management

  • Proficient with PHP
  • Familiar with Javascript/CSS
  • Basic website design skills

Internet Routing

  • Familiar with BGP,OSPF,RIP
  • Proficient in setting up computer networks
  • Proficient in configuring cisco routers/switches

Server Management

  • Proficient in linux
  • Familiar with Active Directory
  • Basic knowledge of various server monitoring platforms

Computer Security

  • Familiar with various VPN technologies
  • Familair with access control of services
  • Basic knowledge on hardware firewalls
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Recent Projects

Contact me for any enquiries by email or any of my social media accounts.